CIRMA quick guide: cyber breach protection

CIRMA has crafted a comprehensive Cyber Insurance program through an A.M. Best A-rated carrier for our Liability-Auto-Property (LAP) members to help protect them in the event of a cyber breach. CIRMA LAP pool members have exclusive access to event management and breach consultative services from best-in-class breach responders with experience in computer forensics, data breach notification, credit and ID monitoring, and legal counsel. Learn more here.

CIRMA has also developed a number of risk management resources, including regional training programs, E-Learning Center training, and a cybersecurity whitepaper to help our members effectively manage risk. CIRMA’s Cyber News & Alerts service provides current cyber alerts from MS-ISAC, the Multi State Information Sharing and Analysis Center and U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

To help address the growing challenge of cyber threats and computer security, CIRMA’s updated E-Learning Center now provides two informative, high-quality trainings exclusively for CIRMA members:
    1. Computer Security Basics
    2. Cybersecurity Threats to Public Entities

How to get started: Visit CIRMA E-Learning Center to log in and take the courses. CIRMA offers hundreds of E-Learning training courses on a variety of relevant topics. Click here to download the current list of available topics. If you are not currently registered, please email your contact information to Martin Connelly at [email protected] or call 203-946-3743.