CIRMA Quick Guide: How municipalities can leverage social media

Now, more than ever, people are seeking to hear news from their town and town leaders via social media platforms. And for nearly every community, not only are you dealing with unprecedented times, but you are also dealing with the demands of information dissemination through social media at a whole new level.

The team at CIRMA collaborated with Miranda Creative, valued brand partners to our organization and respected news media experts. They have shared the following insights for your community to help you engage in a nimble and relevant manner:

1. Create a town-wide hashtag for all your departments. For example, #CovidGuilfordCT, can help your residents easily search for notifications from various resources and collect all they need to know at once. Notify your health districts and healthcare safety net that you have done this, so they can participate.

2. Leverage the reach of homegrown Facebook Groups. Create a quick volunteer group of social media users who can act as advocates and share your posts with the various town Facebook groups. These groups, like the Stonington Forum, and similar, likely have more followers than the town itself.

3. Utilize powerful, easy-to-use tools to expand your reach. Be mindful that no more than 6% of your followers will see your organic content and therefore cross-sharing/posting is important. “Boosting” your content via Facebook can help you reach a larger audience. Likely, a minimal cost of $10, will ensure a reasonable reach, over 24 hours. 

4. Wherever possible, refrain from posting PDFs or JPEGs containing important content. The majority of your residents are viewing your vital notifications on their smartphones. PDFs are difficult to read for most, impossible for some. Copy and paste your content into a post (in multiple posts if necessary) or post content on your website and share just the link. In this way, the text will adjust in size or auto-translate based on the settings on each device.

The recent pandemic crisis has created an unprecedented environment where our members need us now, more than ever. CIRMA is working diligently to protect our members, our staff and our communities. We’re dedicated to the well-being of our workforce and business continuity—and we’re committed to helping our members do the same. If you have any questions or need help, please reach out to your CIRMA representative.