COVID-19 vaccination clinics: how to get them right.

municipal COVID-19 vaccination center
New webinar offers pertinent guidance on how to operate municipal vaccination clinics successfully.

Thousands of dedicated volunteers and municipal personnel work day in and day out to ensure the safe and successful rollout of community-based vaccination programs across the state. Many municipal leaders worry whether they have the right protections to address the unique risks that these public health care operations will bring. 

CIRMA, in partnership with the Town of Vernon and Vernon BOE, is offering a webinar that will discuss a new type of public service: administering COVID-19 vaccines. This informative webinar will uncover best practices on how to successfully organize, staff, and operate a local vaccination clinic.

Register today to learn how to organize and operate safe and successful municipal vaccination clinics in your community.

Beyond education and awareness

CIRMA is working closely with its members to help identify and manage the unique risks associated with local, on-site administration of COVID-19 vaccinations. We have the right insurance programs in place that can help protect you and your volunteers.

Our members, along with thousands of community volunteers are working to help their communities be part of the solution in the midst of a global health crisis—they shouldn’t have to worry if they’ll be protected by their insurance program. That’s why CIRMA will continue to work side by side with you and your employees with the care and compassion that you have come to expect from CIRMA.

CIRMA is here for you. Now. Always.

The information contained within this document should be solely interpreted as preliminary guidance regarding statewide administration of vaccinations as part of emergency municipal programs and operations. As with all claims, CIRMA will continue to make compensability determinations on a claim-by-claim basis.

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