Returning to business as usual. Are you ready?

Female hands in rubber gloves wiping keyboard with antiseptic napkin in office. Disinfection of computer equipment during covid-19 pandemic concept

We can help you get it right–new webinar available for CIRMA Members.

Working-from-home has become second nature for most of Connecticut’s workforce. As most of the population becomes vaccinated for COVID-19 and restrictions are reduced, an increased number of municipal offices will open their doors at full or near full capacity, ready to return to normal operations.

How will you prepare for a successful reopening?

CIRMA, in partnership with RoseKallor, LLP is offering an information-packed webinar that focuses on how municipalities can successfully manage the return of their staff as they work to fully open municipal offices and reinstate community programs and services.

Our experts will answer the following top-of-mind questions:

  • How can you ensure employees that safety is your top priority? 
  • What are the legal and practical implications of a workplace vaccination policy? 
  • What if your employees are unable or prefer not to return to the workplace in person? 
  • Now that restrictions are loosening, what should we require of our employees when exposed to someone who has tested positive or travels? 
  • What policies should be modified? 
  • What have we learned about managing a remote working workforce? 
  • Have we set a precedent for a remote workforce in the future? Should we consider new provisions in our union contracts to address needs brought to light during the pandemic?   

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