Whitepaper: creating a home work environment that works for you

With many employees across the State of Connecticut working from home to help flatten the COVID-19 curve, the home office has become a coveted commodity. Unfortunately, not all homes offer dedicated office spaces. Because of this, kitchen counters, dining tables, living rooms, or bedroom spaces are doubling as home offices.

CIRMA’s latest whitepaper, Creating a Home Work Environment That Works for You, identifies best practices for employees working from home who face the dilemma of creating a workstation that allows them to be productive and incorporate proper ergonomics. In this whitepaper, we share achievable and straightforward guidance to help you maximize comfort and reduce risks while working from home. Adopting healthy behaviors outlined in this helpful resource and knowing what to look for when choosing the right space for you can improve your overall wellbeing and maximize productivity while working remotely.

Creating a home workspace does not require you to make extraordinary upgrades to your home or even purchase fancy office equipment. Setting up a workspace with basic ergonomic strategies in mind is beneficial in many ways, including promoting productivity and focus and helping to avoid discomfort and social isolation.

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